Young Explorers’ Camp – at HOME!


This year we have to do camp a little bit differently… For Summer 2020, Young Explorers’ Camp is going to be held at your very own home! How?

Each young explorer who registers will receive an ‘Exploration Kit’ in the mail with all the tools and instructions for individual nature exploration and discovery. Each week’s activities will focus on a certain topic pertaining to nature and exploration. In the kit, you will receive written instructions on how to do each activity as well as instructions on how to access video instructions online. Then, at the end of the summer, each participant will become a Certified Young Explorer by the Missouri River Bird Observatory!
ALSO! There will be an optional Virtual Social Hour on the Friday at the end of each week to discuss what everyone discovered!

Who: Register if you are are a Young Explorer between the ages of 8-11! 

Due to limited supplies, we are limiting the number of participants to around 25, so sign up soon!

When: Register by June 20th to receive your Exploration Kit in time to participate! See weekly topics and dates below. Virtual Social Hour Friday times will be determined when we know how many will be participating, but they will occur in the morning hours. 

Cost: Registration costs $25 per child and includes the Exploration Kit (see contents below), written instructions for weekly activities, access to video instructions for weekly activities and priority access to Camp Director, Paige Witek, for any questions that come along.   

Weekly Topics and Dates

Week 1: Getting Started with Observation
June 29th – July 3rd ; Virtual Social Hour on Friday, July 3rd
Week 2: Diversity and Adaptation
July 6th – July 10th ; Virtual Social Hour on Friday, June 10th
Week 3: Animal Homes and Habitats
July 13th – July 17th ; Virtual Social Hour on Friday June 17th
Week 3: Plant and Animal Behavior
July 20th – July 24th ; Virtual Social Hour on Friday July 24th
July 27th – Certified Young Explorer Online Ceremony!

Exploration Kits Include:

  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Nature Journal
  • Navigation Compass
  • Butterfly Net
  • Aquatic Insect Net
  • Hand Magnifier
  • Bug Observation Container
  • Pencils and Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Colored Pencils
  • Pencil Case

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to call or email Paige Witek, Camp Director, with any questions or concerns you may have.


Phone: (660)837-3888


Registration for camp is now closed until next year. Return to this site in Spring of 2021 for summer registration.

Young Explorers’ at Home Camp Sponsored by

David Risberg Memorial Grant

Supporter Donations

with special recognition to Terri Trantow and Paul Witek.

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