Young Explorers’ Camp at Home! – Video Instructions

Welcome everyone!
Watch this video to learn the basics of how camp is going to work.

Week 1: Getting Started with Observation

Week 1 Activity 1
Nature Sit and Journaling
Week 1 Activity 2
How to Use a Ruler
Week 1 Activity 3
How to Use a Hand Lens
Week 1 Activity 4
I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me of
Week 1 Activity 5
Spider Exploration

Week 1 Extras!

Information About Compasses
How to Use Your Compass!
by MRBO staff member, Zeb Yoko

Week 2: Diversity and Adaptation

Week 2 Activity 1
What is What?
Week 2 Activity 2
Fun Fungi!
Week 2 Activity 3
Lichen Exploration
Week 2 Activity 4
Adaptations – LIVE
Week 2 Activity 5
Create Your Own Bird

Week 2 Extras!

Plant vs Animal Cells!
Just in case you were curious when you read about them in Activity 1 🙂
How to Build a Terrarium
with Chris from Knob Noster State Park

Week 3: Animal Homes and Habitats

Week 3 Activity 1
Build a Bird Nest
Week 3 Activity 2
Pollution Pick-Up
Missouri River Relief ‘s Trash Mob Video
Week 3 Activity 3
Build Your Own Bird Feeder!
Week 3 Activity 4
Explore a Stream!
Week 3 Activity 5
What Can Live Here?

Week 3 Extras!

How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder

Week 4: Plant and Animal Behavior

Week 4 Activity 1
Bird Language
Week 4 Activity 2
Decomposition Mission
Week 4 Activity 3
Week 4 Activity 4
Seed Exploration
Week 4 Activity 5
Blending In and Standing Out

Week 4 Extra Must Do!

Catch and Release the Insect Way!
with Chris from Knob Noster State Park