Wonders of Wah’kon-Tah

This webinar featured the field crew talking lovingly about one of our favorite places: Wah’kon-Tah prairie. Erik leads us through a history of the land, Zeb follows with the ecology of the the area and its creatures and highlights some of the rare creatures this protected area harbors. Matt then paints a picture of when the best time to visit is (spoiler: anytime!) by taking you through what is there in each season.

Below are a few links to webpages or information we discussed during the webinar:

You can find the ebird checklists here:

Cedar County eBird checklist

St. Clair County eBird checklist

MRBO Grassland bird report 2013-2018

MDC map and brochure for Wah’kon-Tah

Center for American Burying Beetle Conservation

Additionally, On one of Zeb’s slide he misidentified the butterfly species present. It was actually a viceroy, not a monarch on his slide (Later slides where Matt talks about them he was correct). Lear about the tricky ID tips here!

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