Vulture Appreciation

In honor of International Vulture Awareness Day MRBO hosted a webinar all about Vultures! This webinar was put on with help from our friends at Missouri Raptor Rehabilitation (part of University of Missouri). Volunteers offered their time and presented with their live outreach turkey vulture, Grimm. Due to partner restrictions, this webinar was not able to be recorded. We suggest for more information, check out raptor rehab, and browse the links below!

Young Vulture
Photo by Dianne Van Dien

North American Vulture Species descriptions

Books related to vultures

  • Vulture: The Private Life of an Unloved Bird by Katie Fallon
  • Vulture by Thom van Dooren
  • Vulture: Nature’s Ghastly Gourmet by Wayne Grady
  • Vultures: Their Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation by Michael O’Neal Campbell
  • Condors in Canyon Country by Sophie A. H. Osborn
  • Introduction to The California Condor by Noel Snyder and Helen Snyd