The week so far…

By Dana

It has been a great week so far at MRBO!  
A Savannah Sparrow caught at sunrise on Hi-Lonesome Prairie.
Photo from Sherry Leonardo.
On Monday Ethan and I ran at the home site and caught 21 birds, including Ovenbirds, a Swainson’s Thrush, and Brown Thrashers.  We are very glad to see these migrants using our property as stopover habitat. 
Blue-headed Vireo at Van Meter SP.
Photo from Mandy Lightcap.
On Tuesday morning we caught our first Savannah Sparrow at the new Hi-Lonesome Prairie site. 
Wednesday morning saw a number of highly usual catches…including Blue-headed Vireo and Sharp-shinned Hawk at Van Meter, and a Whip-poor-will (my first one in hand ever) at Grand Pass. 
Sleepy Whip-poor-will at Grand Pass CA. 
Sharp-shinned Hawk not liking me. 
Daniel liking the Sharp-shinned Hawk!
Ethan explains migration to 2nd graders from
Columbia Public Schools.  Photo from our
new Board Member Julie Fisher!
Today we provided a station at an education event held by the Columbia Audubon Society.  Several hundred Columbia 2nd-graders rotated through stations focused on adaptations, habitat, and birds – raptors provided by the Mizzou Raptor Rehab Project and songbirds provided by MRBO.  I’m pleased to report we had birds for every group of kids – including a Yellow-throated Vireo and a Northern Parula!  
I want to send our thanks to Brittney, Daniel, and Joanna for working extra hard lately and running the Van Meter station independently while we test other stations and go to education programs.  Joanna was also a great help at the Columbia event today.  More pictures from that event (we were a little busy) and a newspaper article coming soon 🙂

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