Summer Education Events

Veronica speaks to a group of visitors about hummingbirds.
Thanks to Colleen Crank of the World Bird Sanctuary for this
photo and for helping with the event. 
Since the breeding bird survey season finished at the end of June, we have been doing education events across the state!  Most recently, MRBO’s Project Coordinator Veronica Mecko, one of only two active hummingbird banders in Missouri, hosted a hummingbird banding demonstration and information session at the Arrow Rock State Historic Site.  

Just a few days before, we all had the opportunity to work with the folks at Missouri River Relief to hold a banding demonstration at Eagle Bluffs CA for their summer campers.  
Summer campers view a young male Indigo Bunting during Missouri River
Relief’s summer camp program.  Thanks to Alex Prentice of MRR for this photo. 

Eight bright, engaging high school students spent a week with MRR staff learning about the Big Muddy and engaging in a huge variety of outdoor- and wildlife-related activities.  We were excited to have several cool birds for the kids to see – including Indigo Bunting, Warbling Vireo, and Worm-eating Warbler.  We were especially thrilled about the latter, as this is the first of this species we’ve caught anywhere in Missouri.
Other recent events where we’ve spread the word about birds were at Marshall Public Library’s summer series youth and adult sessions, and at Butterfields Youth Services Center.  In both venues, it was great to have the opportunity to talk with young people about the wonders of birds and the fun they can have in the outdoors.  We also got to do just one Purple Martin banding this year, but it was a great one!  A Martin Landlord we work with in South St. Louis County invited all his neighbors and their families to view nestling banding.  The kids that were there each got to hold a Martin baby and the adults discussed Martin migration, ecology and conservation.We have more events planned for the next several months; traditionally for MRBO, late fall and all of winter is education time!  

A young man from St. Louis holds a baby Purple Martin.
Thank you, Gary N of south St. Louis County for this photo and for
hosting the event!

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