Activities Serving MRBO’s Strategic Framework

Below are our current activities we are implementing to ‘incubate’ each ‘egg’ of our strategic framework. Activities are itemized by which specific goal of each framework they are impacting. To review the framework and our specific goals, Click here.

Goals 1, 2, and 3 are currently being achieved by wetland survey projects, nest-monitoring project, wetlands hydrological analysis project. 1 and 2 are further served by meetings underway with private landowners to discuss birds and habitat, specifically with the Audubon Conservation Ranching program. Outreach is beginning in greater Kansas City to assist with marketing of the Audubon ‘bird-friendly beef’. Goal 4 is indirectly addressed by conversion to CRP (Goal 3) and through ongoing advocacy relevant to reduction of plastic, fossil fuel, and other harmful chemicals.

Goals 1-4 are currently serviced within the Conservation Ranching program. Plans are underway to work with Audubon and other partners to bring local and sustainable food to a broader range of consumers. Goals 1-3 are currently serviced further through outreach efforts to private landowners, allied advocacy groups including Missouri Coalition for the Environment, the Conservation Federation of Missouri, Missouri Rural Crisis Center, and others via presentations and event booths.

Goals 1 and 2 are currently implemented through the BirdSafeKC project and Marshall’s Martin Center which maintains and improve native planting

All goals (1-5) are also continually addressed thorough education and outreach presentations. Additional partnership with more community and civic groups encourages action. There are additional plans to start local issue-based campains to encourage voluntary and (when necessary) local ordinances (e.g. require native plants when public space needs landscaping)

Goals 1-3 are underway with the Missouri Young Birders Club, the Young Explorers Club, Friends of Arrow Rock programs, and additional school and community programs (i.e. banding events, Birds & Bees fest, and partner events)

Goal 4 is currenlty implemented through seasonal staff positions, internships, and volunteer opportunities in all our research and monitoring programs.

“Immersion experience” weekends are planned as camp experiences for new audiences. Improvements to science education and increases to student-centered environmental education are also planned.