Teacher & Homeschool Resources

When many of us are cooped up at home, we here at MRBO decided we wanted to share some resources that contain activities, fun facts, and DIY projects to help the whole family or classroom get outside and enjoy, experience and learn about nature. Please enjoy and let us know if you know of anything we can add to the list!

Resources with activities!

Make sure to check these out!

Science and Nature Activities for Cooped Up Kids

Environment Missouri

How To Make These Next Few Weeks A Little Easier, Courtesy Of Birds

Bird Song Hero

Flap to the Future Computer Game

Indoor Bird-watching: Invite Nature Learning and Curiosity

Journey North

Birding Resources


Audubon Binocular Guide

Six Steps to Choosing a Pair of Binoculars You’ll Love by All About Birds.org

Field Guides

Field Guides for Kids

What Bird Guide is Best for You? – Audubon Society

What is the best book or field guide for bird identification? – Cornell Lab of Ornithology

5 Birding Apps to Give Your Skills a Boost – Birds and Blooms

DIY Bird Feeders & Feeder Info

The Cornell Lab – K-12 Education : Make Your Own Feeder

How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder Video

Where to Put Your Bird Feeder – Allaboutbirds.org

Project FeederWatch

Nest Box 101 Resources

NestWatch – Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Educator’s Guide to Nest BoxesPerfect for Teachers and Parental Guardians

North American Bluebird Society

Missouri Bluebird Society

Birds-I-View Educational Resources