Birds Choice Suet Cakes


Suet cakes feed a variety of birds throughout the year. You may even see Brown-creepers or some warblers using it. Check out our selections to see which birds you want to attract.

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We have a selection of suet cakes in 11.75 singles or cases of 12 cakes.

  • These Woodpecker suet cakes will fit in any standard size suet feeder
  • Special ingredients include beef suet, sweet corn, roasted peanuts, pecans, almonds, corn and oats
  • This recipe is appealing to a wide variety of birds, watch them flock to your feeder!
  • Will fit in any standard sized suet cage or feeder
  • Standard size suet cakes; 11.75oz


Suet Cakes

Hot Pepper (Case of 12), Hot Pepper (Single Cake), Peanut (Case of 12), Peanut (Single Cake), Insect (Case of 12), Insect (Single Cake), Woodpecker (Case of 12), Woodpecker (Single Cake)