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2021 Breeding season rundown

2021 Breeding season rundown

With the onset of migration and breeding season MRBO has hired technicians to help us document the birds that are using...

Mighty MO Webinars Stream In!

Mighty MO Webinars Stream In!

In case you missed it, MRBO has already aired 3 webinars in 2021, and has more announced through February. After...

White-winged Crossbill

MRBO Joins the Backyard Rare Bird Club!

On Thanksgiving morning, while admiring the plentiful Purple Finches, Paige spotted a bird that looked a bit off. The bird...

Owl Banding!

MRBO’s fall Northern Saw-whet Owl banding is underway again this year. Directors Dana & Ethan Duke recorded a recent banding...