Ozark Forest Birds

Since the forests of the Missouri Ozarks are less imperiled than our grasslands, wetlands and bottomland forests, MRBO does less work there than in other habitats in the state.  However, we have been fortunate to work with land stewards at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to measure bird response to on-going management at St. Joe and Washington State Parks.  Just like private landowners and Missouri Department of Conservation area managers, DNR stewards want to make sure that their management actions are having a beneficial effect on the diverse bird communities of Ozark upland forests.  MRBO’s surveys at State Parks have consisted of point counts designed to compare managed habitat (for example, forests that have undergone controlled burns) with acreage that has not yet received any treatment.  Target bird species include those that are undergoing range-wide declines, such as Wood Thrush, Ovenbird, Kentucky Warbler and Eastern Wood-Pewee (pictured below).