November 16th: a good night for Saw-whets in Missouri

By Dana Ripper

Luke Brungardt and I look for molt limits on
a male Northern Saw-whet Owl.

Last night three Missouri banding sites ran concurrently in optimal weather conditions, and all efforts paid off!  Three Northern Saw-whet Owls were banded at Jack Hilsabeck’s St. Joseph banding station, two at our MRBO Marshall site run by Research Assistants Stephanie Putnam and Brittany Woody, and two at Powell Gardens, where Ethan and I trapped at the invitation of Horticulture Director Alan Branhagen.  Master Naturalists Sherry Leonardo, Linda Williams, and Sean O’Daniels, and guests Tom and Luke Brungardt, were with us at Powell.

What a great night for Missouri banders!

The three amigos with last night’s catches: Dr. John Rushin, Jack Hilsabeck, and Larry Lade.

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