North Winds Relent

    After cold and rainy days with predominately north winds, we finally got a break that brought more birds in. An early dawn chorus hinted at a productive day. They began hitting the nets as soon as we opened!
    A few Ruby-crowned Kinglets were still staging, evidenced by their coarse call notes and emphatic singing. More White-throated Sparrows had moved in overnight along with Common Yellowthroats, Gray Catbirds, and thrushes. The White-throateds have mostly been large males.
    They wave of Brown Thrashers has seemed to have move passed us and we aren’t hearing as many Blue-gray Gnat-catchers as we did a week ago.

Dana and Ethan happy to have our 101st species be a
Marsh Wren. We now stand at 197 birds on the season.

    The highlight of the day was a Marsh Wren. It was our 101st species captured at Grand Pass Conservation Area.
    We cursed the same southernly winds we have been hoping for and closed the nets due to the threat winds pose to the safety of the birds.
    Winds are steady from the south now and they may be too strong to open in the morning. They will be sure to bring in birds, regardless.

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