Night Flight Call Recorder Testing

     We’ve acquired Wildlife Acoustic’s SongMeter2 Night Flight Call package. This device consisted of base unit that collects sounds from an microphone that is placed on a small platform. It will be in use during banding season to capture the night flight calls birds use as they migrate. It is a programable unit that can be schedule to run at any time and record many days/nights.
     After the sounds are captured on a memory card they can be transferred to a computer for analysis. I’ll be using the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Raven Pro with a variety of detectors to “auto-detect” different species’ calls.
     Additionally, this unit will be used to record as we conduct human observer “point counts” of birds by sound and sight. We will attempt to capture vocalizations upon release of the birds we band.
     Those in the field of bioacoustics have been working on this technology for some time and with continued collaboration this tool will surely become an invaluable supplement to measurements taken on the ground.
    We’ve been testing it in the backyard and it functions extremely well. During the day, it captured songs of the backyard birds admirably. The first deployment at night worked well, too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t placed well. The panel was angled towards a pond and wet area that was full of singing frogs. They were recorded nicely and the analysis of the file showed nice looking images of their various calls.
   It’s now repositioned to pick up our targets, the birds.

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