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Second-graders enjoyed nature at Arrow Rock State Historic Site.

We are so pleased to have the following updates from our excellent educator, Emily Wilmoth.  Emily has been busy traveling all over Missouri to spread the messages of conservation and enjoyment of birds!  See what she’s been up to!

April Education Report
By Emily Wilmoth

  • April 9th—I visited the Center for Gifted Education in Columbia. I talked with Jill Rockett’s intelligent, young Ornithology students about possible careers in the field. We discussed the basics of bird identification and then took a bird walk around the schoolyard.
  • April 11th—Veronica, Andrea and I set up a bird banding station for a UCM Bio-Blitz at Pertle Springs in Warrensburg. The event was well attended by college students and the general public. We banded a Northern Cardinal, a Swamp Sparrow, and a Northern Parula. We were thrilled to have Leah Sokol and her educational hummingbird named Tuck make an appearance at the event.


    Lovely hummingbird Tuck, rehabilitated by Leah Sokol and now an ambassador for bird education.

  • April 14th—29 1st-3rd graders from David Barton Elementary attended the first Natural and Cultural History of Arrow Rock program. I led the students on a nature hike through Arrow Rock and discussed the area’s natural history. Kathy Borgman led the cultural history portion of the program.
  • April 15th—I joined Cynthia Green at Knob Noster State Park for a 5th grade field trip that was part of the MDC’s Discover Nature Schools program. We led the “adopt a tree” station, which was just one of the many outdoor education stations that students visited.
  • April 16th—I led multiple programs on Missouri’s natural resources at Butterfield’s Youth Services. We discussed the value of a variety of natural resources in past and present Missouri. Students were able to examine some animal pelts and arrowheads as examples. We also discussed career opportunities related to natural resources.
  • April 17th—Cynthia Green and I assisted with a Hardeman School field trip to Arrow Rock.   We assisted Kindergarteners and 1st-3rd graders in catching macro invertebrates, frogs, and other creatures in a fresh water spring. We taught students about the great biodiversity existing in the water.
  • April 18th—Veronica, Andrea, and I set up a banding station at a TWS event at Columbia Bottom. College students that are studying wildlife were able to see the banding operation in action. We banded a Northern Cardinal and a White-throated Sparrow. Students were excited for the chance to see the birds in hand.
    Moberly Earth Day

    MU student, raptor rehabber, and falconer Amber Vanstrien brought her American Kestrel to wow students at Moberly’s Earth Day.

    April 22nd—I presented at an Earth Day event at Rothwell Park in Moberly. I was joined by falconer Amber Vanstrien and her American Kestrel. The event was attended by 210 4th graders and their teachers. Despite the chilly weather, the event was a great success. Students learned all about kestrel adaptations and conservation.

  • April 23rd and 24th—MRBO staff members set up a banding station for the “Banding with Nature” event at Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary. A few hundred 2nd graders attended the two-day event. They were able to learn about bird banding by observing it first-hand. Some of the species that were banded included a Brown Thrasher, a Northern Parula, and a Summer Tanager!


    Second-graders at CANS loved the Summer Tanager!

  • April 27th—Ten high school students took a filed trip to our banding site at Mora Conservation Area. We looked and listened for a variety of grassland species. Several American Goldfinches and a Field Sparrow were caught and used to demonstrate banding techniques to the students.

    Calhoun HS at Mora

    Calhoun high-schoolers enjoyed a morning on the prairie at the Mora Conservation Area MRBO banding station.

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