Muppets take center stage

One of the 800 muppets banded by MRBO in 2011.

This Purple Martin will soon be staging before

continuing migration to South America. Hopefully,
someone who cares for a colony will observe its safe

return in 2012. 

     Muppet Appearance as defined by Wikipedia: “A common design for a Jim Henson Muppet is a character with a very wide mouth and large protruding eyes.”
     Although we aren’t banding any of the late Jim Henson’s Muppets, Purple Martin nestlings and their landlords are simply that pleasant to work with.
     Little did we know that an idea from Marshall, Missouri Purple Martin landlord Randy Harlin, would lead to a state-wide effort. After conferring with the top-notch Purple Martin Conservation Association, we have established a banding effort that includes Kansas City, St. Louis, Licking, and Marshall Missouri landlords. We are on track (currently at 690) to band over 800 Purple Martins.
     This should provide a good sample size to begin researching return rates and dispersal.
     It is not just a research and monitoring tool, but a great means of public outreach and education. This project has landed Purple Martins in print of several newspapers. To read more about this project and those committed to these amazing birds check out these stories…
St. Louis Post Dispatch: Link Here
Marshall Democrat News: Click Here
The Licking News: Click Here 


2 Responses to “Muppets take center stage

  • I am staying at a campground in Caplinger Mills this summer. The owners have a PUMA house that is loaded with PUMAs. I have seen more PUMAs there than I remember ever seeing from just one house. If you need more locations!

  • Thanks for asking! We had our hands full this summer as we bounced around the state for large colonies. We banded over 800 PUMAs this year and we wish we had the time and resources to do more. Not only are the birds enjoyable, but the caring landlords are a pleasure to be with. Those that hosted us have been housing PUMA’s and actively caring for them daily for many years. Those in Missouri seem to have a good year, but the folks down south have seen a lot of losses due to the drought. Please keep your spotting scope or binoculars close by to look for bands when the PUMAs return. Also, give us a call next year in the event we can make a trip or two in your direction. Thanks!