MRBO Shocked at Burroughs Audubon Library

Burroughs Audubon Shocks MRBO with their generosity.

     We do what we do because we care about birds. That is the bottom line. MRBO is a non-profit organization, which makes things more complex. An amazing thing happens when you get individuals of one organization together with individuals with a similar organization for a common purpose as great as bird conservation. Such is the case with Burroughs Audubon, the Greater Kansas City Area Chapter of the Audubon Society.
     On Saturday we headed to Kansas City for our second Backyard Banding at their Library in 2 years. We were looking forward to seeing folks we met on our first visits and had the good fortune of encountering throughout the year at our project sites and at bird related events.
     Upon arrival, we met up with Sherry Leonardo. Sherry is a model birder who has been extremely helpful as a volunteer to us and as a trip coordinator for Burroughs Audubon. Seeing her grin as we pulled in is as about as welcoming as you can imagine.
     Go-getter – Christine Kline, Burroughs Audubon Secretary, was also there. She is a fireball who remains dedicated to bird conservation through public outreach and awareness. With her finely honed communication skills, sense of humor, and tireless drive she has managed to coordinate a team of people to put on an annual event called “Wings Over Weston” at Weston Bend SP. This huge event brings scores of school children and crowds of general public to celebrate International Migratory Bird Days.
     It was great to see other friends of ours there like Scott Laurent and Amy Peterson, Karen Stair, and Sean O’Daniels (with his new baby). Before long, the MOwest banding crew from St. Joseph trickled in. Young Jack Hilsabeck, Dr. Rushin, Karen Lyman, and Ryan Evans are bander/extractors extraordinaire and having them on hand is serious peace of mind.
     Before long we had our nets set-up and banding station in place. The weather was great and we ready to start banding. Just as we were to begin, Burroughs Audubon President, Paul Habiger, asked to say a few words. Paul is a true gentleman who seems a bit like a cross between Paul Newman and Robert Redford. He read from notes and a paper and we began to get a little nervous. We were shocked and overwhelmed as Paul passed us a check from Burroughs Audubon to the tune of $1,000.
     The day continued on that upbeat note as we enjoyed the birds and friends on a Saturday afternoon at Burroughs Audubon Library.
     Having averted a plumbing situation at home, MRBO supporters Mike and Elizabeth Stokes showed up in the nick of time to take us out to a pleasant dinner. They have always been there for us and it was great to share their company once again.
     Burroughs Audubon, we are very grateful for your support of us in our common cause. Thank You!

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  • Friends and conservation. A GREAT and AWESOME mix! We appreciate your work so much.