MRBO reach this week: About 500 (in real life, not Facebook!)

IMG_2563Though we at MRBO often do education events of our own, we are also lucky enough to be a “station” or a booth at other folks’ events. In the past week, we gave banding demonstrations to Columbia elementary school students at Band With Nature, a huge educational program hosted by the Columbia Audubon Society and Columbia Public Schools. Over 300 second-graders learned about birds at the MRBO banding station on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the remainder of the event, Thursday and Friday, was rained out but the students from those days will attend the Band WitIMG_2581h Nature event in the Spring.

On Saturday, MRBO staff “divided and conquered” with some of us running at booth at Arrow Rock’s Heritage Craft Festival and others running a banding demonstration at Cole Camp’s Prairie Day. At Arrow Rock, 40 families built and took home nest boxes and suet feeders that will enable them to start enjoying birds in their own backyards! At Cole Camp, festival attendees got to see a Northern Mockingbird, Carolina Chickadee, and Lincoln’s Sparrow in the hand. Folks also got to watch birds on the prairie and count flocks migrating over with MRBO staffers Veronica and Zeb. Sedge Wrens, Northern Harriers, and hundreds of Turkey Vultures were highlights.




All told, about 400 kids and 100 adults learned more about birds this week. Our hope is that this increases their appreciation of Missouri’s natural wonders and, in the end, to think more about conservation.

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