MRBO Memberships

Above: The cover of the premiere edition of MRBO
seasonal newsletter. Some results are inside…

     We have finished MAPS work in the prairies for the season and have been working to produce a fine newsletter and annual reports. Not enough? We didn’t think so either. MRBO is now becoming a membership organization.
     Beginning August 2011, in honor of our first anniversary as a conservation organization, MRBO extends the invitation to any and all citizens to join us as members. By becoming a member of MRBO, you know that you are contributing directly to avian conservation projects and environmental education in Missouri, and assisting in our mission to further conservation goals throughout the Midwest region.
     MRBO members will be recognized on our website and in annual reports, and will be provided with unique field opportunities and special event invitationsin addition to the membership benefits detailed below. Membership dues are considered a donation and are tax deductible.

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