Landowner Outreach & Reporting

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November:  Excitement! Danger! Adventure!  ….Report writing!
True, it is not the most exhilarating activity that we at MRBO engage in, but it is one of the most important.  Due to our many projects and their various facets, we have been involved in data analysis and reporting over the past six weeks.  One of the best aspects is getting to report to private landowners about the birds documented on their land.  Thanks to folks at the MDC, National Audubon, Audubon Society of Missouri, and Partners for Fish and Wildlife, MRBO was able to survey 40 private properties this year and engage many of the landowners in discussions about wildlife conservation.   When we generate follow-up reports to landowners, we not only provide the data collected in the field but also try to give a conservation context by providing information about the target species – for example, Rails and Bitterns on wetland properties.  For grassland properties, we include information on the species pictured below.
In respect for landowners’ privacy, none of the information is made available, however, we are now analyzing data from surveys on public grasslands.  The resulting reports will be available to anyone who is interested!  Look for publication in December.


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