Kicking off fall with ASM

This past weekend, we were honored by the Audubon Society of Missouri by being invited to present an evening program and morning banding at their annual Fall Conference at Camp Clover Point, Lake of the Ozarks.  Seth Gallagher, MRBO Board Chairman and long-time friend, also presented a program at the meeting.  Seth started off the weekend with a Friday night presentation on the Rocky Mountain

Me trying to explain everything we do to ASM members.
Photo thanks to Stephen Dilks.

Bird Observatory, describing what a well-established observatory does to promote science-based bird conservation.  Ethan and I then followed up on Saturday night by talking about some of the programs MRBO has become involved in here in Missouri.  We hope that the birding community came away with more understanding of our work, and that they enjoyed the (long!) presentation.

I wish I could report that banding was stellar, as we very much hoped to catch a rare bird or two to add

Ethan bands one of our few captures while some nice folks gather ’round.

 to the weekend list.  Alas, I must report that the mist-nets were slooooooow both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We did catch an Eastern Phoebe, Carolina Wren, Carolina Chickadees, and a beautiful adult male Summer Tanager.  We actually trapped the Tanager both mornings – seems he was happier chasing other birds around and vocalizing stridently than he was interested in migrating!  Camp Clover Point was absolutely packed with Summer Tanagers; other birders reported seeing lots of aggressive interactions by this species all weekend.  Some other birds observed by our group while waiting on the mist-nets were Black-throated Green and Chestnut-sided Warblers, Yellow-throated Vireo, and a Northern Parula that

One of the lovely children of the caterers hung out
with us during the Sunday morning banding.
Photo thanks to Stephen Dilks. 

sang his little heart out all weekend.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to ASM for having us.  We had an excellent time and were warmly welcomed by everyone at the meeting.  Also, I reached my goal of gaining 5 pounds by taking seconds and thirds at every one of the amazing spreads put on by the family that has been catering the ASM meeting for 30 years.

Very special thanks to June Newman, Edge Wade, and Bruce Beck for their support and encouragement.

Seth and his son Will with the Summer Tanager.

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