K-5 through College

Bueker Middle School students learn about bird banding
before next weeks class trips to the banding station.

    It was a full day yesterday. After banding in the morning we spoke with a cafeteria full young people at Bueker Middle School. The aptly named “Owls” received a full presentation on why we band birds and a bit of information on adaptations. They will soon experience banding for themselves as they visit our banding station next week. Perhaps we’ll visit them again and give them a more complete presentation on adaptations.
    Following the school visit we visited an slightly older demographic. We opened nets for an evening demonstration at VanMeter State Park. A hearty troop of Missouri Valley College students organized a barbecue and they and their professors enjoyed a few birds. We weren’t expecting many birds, but had hope for the thickets and grapevine tangles.

MoVal Biology Club and guests: L-R- Dr. McDonald (and
son), Dr. Gerardo Acay, Stephanie Putnam, Dana Ripper,
Aaron Stelker, Ethan Duke, and unk MoVal student.

    Five nets captured a few birds; Northern Cardinal, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Northern Parula, and a Yellow-throated Warbler.

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