Giving Thanks During the Holiday Season

For many people, the holidays are a time of reflecting on the things in life they are grateful for.  This is certainly true for us personally at MRBO.  However, there are people and entities that don’t come to our attention just during the holidays – we think and talk about them all year round.  The holidays simply give us another excuse to thank them for all they do for MRBO and more importantly, for conservation in Missouri.

As many readers of this blog are aware, MRBO is a small organization that is only five years old.  In that time, we have become quite successful in the realms of avian research and environmental education here in our state.  That success is due to the conservation community that exists here.  In no other place does there exist a Conservation Department like Missouri’s, Audubon societies as welcoming and supportive as those here, or volunteer organizations like the Missouri Master Naturalists with such total member commitment and knowledge.  It is because of the these Missourians and their selfless dedication to conservation that the Missouri River Bird Observatory has been able to take root and flourish.  Not only have many organizations supported MRBO financially, we have received an infinite amount of mentorship and friendship from fellow conservationists.  So in the true spirit of holiday love, giving, and celebration we would like to say THANK YOU ALL.

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