Friends of Squaw Creek

Corey Kudrna, Squaw Creek NWR Manager,
drops in for a visit to get an up close
look at the banding process.

Photo By: Friends of Squaw Creek NWR

     MRBO had the pleasure of demonstrating bird banding while spreading awareness of birds and conservation at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. The event was hosted by Friends of Squaw Creek NWR on International Migratory Bird Day. Similarly to the Wings over Weston Festival (see proceeding blog post), the event was designed for public awareness of conservation of migratory birds. Visitors viewed scores of shorebirds and experienced volunteer-manned booths throughout the refuge.

Volunteer Biologist, Ryan Evans,
extracts a bird at Squaw Creek NWR.
Photo By: Friends of Squaw Creek

     Some enjoyed observing banding as volunteers Sean O’Daniels and Ryan Evans help extract birds and record data.
     We banded quite a few birds with a only a few nets. Brown Thrashers, American Redstarts, Common Yellow-throats, and Swainson’s Thrushes were found in good numbers near Mallard Marsh. Throngs of shorebirds in the marsh provided a good spectacle while banding, especially when chased by a pair of Peregrine Falcons.
     These two volunteers have an impressive amount and biological experience behind them and there are also great guys.

Volunteer, Sean O’Daniels is recording data at Squaw Creek NWR.
Photo By: Friends of Squaw Creek NWR

     Sean is a Master Naturalist who has provided invaluable assistance at MRBO’s migration station and public events. Ryan has also used his passion for wildlife and experience to come to MRBO’s aid in times of need. If you see them, please thank them for their volunteer spirit and commitment to conservation.



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