Found an injured, sick or orphaned bird?

Unfortunately, we are not an avian rehabilitation facility and, therefore, we do not have the licensing or resources to care for injured, sick and orphaned birds.

If you have found an injured, sick or orphaned bird, please first contact your local avian rehabilitation facility. Keep the bird in a dark box (appropriate to the size of the bird) in a quiet place with little human contact (to reduce stress).

For more information about what to do and how to determine if the bird needs help, please consult this flowchart: 

Wildlife Rehabilitators in Central Missouri:

MU Raptor Rehabilitation Project
Columbia, MO
Raptors ONLY

Lakeside Nature Center
Bates City, Lafayette Co

Other regional wildlife rehabilitation facilities and information can be found at:

Missouri River Bird Observatory appreciates your concern for wild birds, and we will help in any way we can to make sure that the bird gets the care it needs.