Fall in Full Swing

by Dana Ripper
Not much time to write here – fall migration is underway and we are running four sites!  Our good old fall standby, Van Meter State Park, is showing it’s usual high diversity, and we are testing three other sites in widely differing habitats.  I am especially excited about our new Grand Pass test site, located in an early-successional habitat where the Flood of ’93 inundated the area.  There’s about 3 feet of sand covered by willow and cottonwood saplings – not a fun thing to cut net lanes through, but it’s up and running and doing well!  Today’s surprises there were the first Ruby-crowned Kinglet and first Lincoln’s Sparrow of the season.
Here are a few pictures from the past two weeks of migration fun…

Daniel and a Least Flycatcher.  I’m pretty happy in the background. 

One of the first things our new intern, Joanna, asked was
whether or not we get Wilson’s Warblers – she’s been getting
a couple each day to be pleased about!
Brittney with a Nashville Warbler, which are coming through regularly. 

 Here, you can see a bit of this male’s “Pepperoni Head”.

An adult male Rose-breasted Grosbeak displays his “basic” fall plumage.

The second Blue-winged Warbler caught at any of MRBO’s migration sites.  The first was at Grand Pass in Spring 2010;
this young female was caught at Van Meter on Monday.  

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