Everything is happening

     Since the last post, we have been extremely busy here at MRBO. Our final Backyard Banding of the season took place last week, we scoped out banding sites in Weston Bend in preparation for “Wings Over Weston” in May, we traveled west again on Saturday for great food and conversation at the Burroughs Audubon Banquet, and have just returned from a meeting with MDC, FWS, and NRCS planning Marsh Bird Surveys. Also, we acquired our “Night Flight Call” recording package and software to monitor bird calls as they migrate over our banding site. Did I mentioned we co-hosted teacher training in Project WILD and Flying WILD in Sedalia for two days?
    Stay-tuned for more about our first year of Backyard Banding, Wings Over Weston, bioacoustics, and marsh bird surveys.
     If you haven’t already heard about ProjectWild and FlyingWild you must check it out at the Council For Environmental Education’s website. Carol Mahan and Briedi Scott of the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) ran this workshop. ProjectWild and FlyingWild are project and activity oriented guides that support a broad spectrum of topics for educators. FlyingWild includes many materials that support planning events and festivals.

   Also, the MDC has suite of education guides for schools. Their Discover Nature Schools (DNS) is a remarkable effort to bring conservation education to all Missouri Schools.
    They have focussed programs for various age groups:
Nature Unleashed—The Untamed World of Missouri Ponds, Forests, and Prairies (grades 3-5)
Conserving Missouri’s Aquatic Ecosystems (grades 6-8)
Nature Unbound (grades 9-12)
A unit for K-2 is coming soon, “How The Turkey Grows!”

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