Education, Outreach, and Professional Development

Our fortune has been great thus far in 2013 to be a part of more than 20 public outreach events throughout the state of Missouri.  Just the past month has seen MRBO in Clinton, Washington, Kansas City, Cole Camp, Jefferson City, and St. Louis.  The next two weeks take us to Rolla, Joplin, and the Missouri Bootheel.  The two best things about all of these events are 1) the people and 2) getting to see, throughout a year, pretty much every habitat in Missouri.  
This past weekend, we held a training for banders and aspiring banders at Missouri Valley College and at our home in Marshall, MO.  This event coincided with mist-net training sessions we’ve been doing with the Missouri Master Naturalists of Cole Camp.  At each session, biologists of all ages and backgrounds came together from not only Missouri but also Arkansas to share in learning about birds.  It was great to have so many different perspectives together in one room, and we felt honored to have so many people interested in working with us.  Below are a few photos from the education events of the past several weeks.  
The feather tracts in a typical passerine wing, of great importance for banding & ageing birds in the hand!
Reproduced from Birds of Borneo, Phillips and Phillips 2011.

Dr. Virginie Rolland of Arkansas State University and her MS student Jessica
work together on a Red-winged Blackbird.

Determining Oregon from Slate-colored Juncos at a workshop in Clinton.  The bird on
the left was eventually confirmed an Oregon by Missouri bird expert Brad Jacobs.

Steve and Regina Garr of Birds-I-View entitled this photo,
“Dana Speaks Hairy Woodpecker”.

Missouri Master Naturalists of the Hi-Lonesome Chapter learn mist-netting.  Left to Right: Rita Brown, Kim Nichols,
MRBO’s Veronica Mecko, Theresa Cline, Renee & Mark Freeman.

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