Earth Day at Cargill

MRBO celebrated Earth Day with our local
Cargill facility in Marshall.

     Cargill is an international company that has a facility in Marshall. It is a very small facility to have a “Green Team” of four people! It was a pleasure to assist their genuine commitment to being environmentally conscious as we celebrated Earth Day together. As with us, Cargill sees the need for Earth Day to be observed for more than just a day (click here for more info).
     One of their “Green Team” employees and Environmental Science student, Amanda DiNatale, invited us to present information our what people can do to help birds as Cargill employees cycled through lunch and dinner shifts.
     From the moment we arrived at Cargill, signs of Earth Day were all around. Recycled items were in stepping stones of concrete, display boards, flyers, and a couple books created a look and feel to the place, that these people really care. As we left we were given a gift (Steaks!) and a Cargill Earth Day grocery bag.
     Several of the friendly faces we already knew from the Saline County Leadership for Tomorrow Fellowship. They were all helpful in orienting us, making us feel welcome, translating information, and encouraging good stewardship of the earth. We really enjoyed meeting with everyone and hope we can all meet up again soon. Thank you, Cargill.


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