Lesson 2: Why does the songbird sing??

Topic: Bird Songs vs Calls Theme: A bird species’ song and calls have different characteristics and serve different purposes to enhance survival and reproduction.

Lesson 3: Wait… birds have dance battles??

Topic: Courtship Rituals and Mating Displays Theme: The courtship rituals and mating displays of birds are not only entertaining, but also teach us how natural selection can produce unique behaviors and physical features.

Lesson 4: How does one make a nest??

Topic: Bird Nesting and the Nest Cycle Themes: Nests are important structures for young survival. Nest types and materials vary widely depending on species and habitat.

Lesson 5: How is reproductive success measured??

Topic: MRBO Nest Monitoring Project Themes: One way we can measure reproductive success is by measuring nesting success. We can use long-term nest monitoring data to see how specific factors may increase or decrease nest success.

Display Behavior – a fixed set of actions that carries a specific message. Although many display behaviors are used to attract mates (courtship behavior), some display behaviors have other purposes.

Competition – A symbiotic relationship between or among living things that compete for limited resources, such as food, space, shelter, mate, ecological status, etc.

Lek – In animal behavior, a lek is a communal area in which two or more males of a species perform courtship displays.