Lesson 2: Why does the songbird sing??

Topic: Bird Songs vs Calls Theme: A bird species’ song and calls have different characteristics and serve different purposes to enhance survival and reproduction.

Lesson 3: Wait… birds have dance battles??

Topic: Courtship Rituals and Mating Displays Theme: The courtship rituals and mating displays of birds are not only entertaining, but also teach us how natural selection can produce unique behaviors and physical features.

Lesson 4: How does one make a nest??

Topic: Bird Nesting and the Nest Cycle Themes: Nests are important structures for young survival. Nest types and materials vary widely depending on species and habitat.

Lesson 5: How is reproductive success measured??

Topic: MRBO Nest Monitoring Project Themes: One way we can measure reproductive success is by measuring nesting success. We can use long-term nest monitoring data to see how specific factors may increase or decrease nest success.
Article: 10 Outrageous Ways Birds Dance to Impress Their Mates

Article Summary: Audubon writer, Hannah Waters, presents ten birds with interesting and outrageous courtship dance displays. Article includes videos of the displays as well as a fun, short description.

Article with Video Links: https://www.audubon.org/news/10-outrageous-ways-birds-dance-impress-their-mates


  1. Read the article and watch associated videos. 
  2. Return to this site to complete this Google Forms Quiz to make sure you understand what you need to takeaway from the article.