Catch of the Day

Last Thursday at Ionia Ridge was a very slow day…but what we lacked in numbers we sure made up for in neat surprises.
Thanks to Sherry Leonardo for these photos!
Ethan asked me if I had a good bander’s grip on the bird as I was pulling it out of the bag…
I wondered why, until I saw what we had!  Daniel laughs in the background, after himself getting
cut up a bit by this bird’s beak!
Female Loggerhead Shrike.  She packed a mean bite – a small scrape from the tip of her bill drew blood!

Upon request, Dev Couture hams it up for a Shrike photo. 

Last but absolutely not least, we captured this female Grasshopper Sparrow.  Grasshoppers and Henslow’s elude our nets constantly and it’s always a wonderful treat to get one.

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