Burroughs Audubon Strikes Again

Burroughs Audubon is the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the National Audubon Society. They are always up to something good and this week the had a guest speaker come to town, John C. Robinson. He has introduced thousands of people all over the world to the joys of bird watching for nearly thirty years. In his latest title:Birding for Everyone, Encouraging People of Color to Become Birdwatchers, he encourages the appreciation of nature through birding.

He spoke at the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center in K.C. It was an appropriate venue for his talk as a showcase for great environmental education opportunities in Missouri and in urban areas.
Robinson made some excellent points that really got us thinking… Firstly, why are there so few people of color in the birding community? Secondly, he made a strong point about the idea many have (especially those who are not white), the idea of permission. Evidently, many feel that they need permission to go birding. I’ve been reading his book and find it surprising of those who would like to go birding, many are waiting for invitation.
Not only can outdoor activities improve health, quality of life, and opportunity, but at the MDC says, “Conservation Education = Conservation.”
I know that we’ll do what we can to reverse this trend, what will you do?

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