Burroughs Audubon Meeting

Artwork from a Burroughs Audubon artist 🙂

     MRBO often gives presentations to civic organizations, school groups, and the birding community. It was a great pleasure to once again meet up with our friends of Burroughs Audubon and have the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, and love of Woodpeckers. The talk was entitled “Of Zygodactyl Feet and Retractible Tongues.”
     Their meetings and some events are held at the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center and it always interesting. The meeting covered recent events and broke into announcements from members about rare and/or interesting field observations. The stories and insights about birds from highly experienced and novice birders were fun and fascinating.
     Ethan spoke on the topic of phylogeny and characteristics of the Pileated Woodpecker before Dana covered topics ranging from her Master’s work on Hairy Woodpeckers, field work with Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, and the search for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.
     We would like to thank the entire group for hosting us (and picking up our dinner tab). A special thanks to Scott and Amy for some great artwork. And Christine… thank you for the post event entertainment!

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