2020 Field Technicians

MRBO has continued nest monitoring in the Native prairies of Southwest Missouri. In such, we have hired two technicians to assist with this labor intensive effort. Erik is the field crew leader, and our new technicians are Nick and Kyla.

Nick Wiram is an outdoorsman from Terre Haute, Indiana. He is currently a student at Southern Illinois
University-Carbondale pursuing a degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation with a Minor in GIS. Nick
attributes his love for the outdoors to his father who taught him to hunt and fish. His fascination with
birds became apparent after an ornithology class at SIUC. He doesn’t have a favorite bird, however, he
enjoys the diversity that Warblers have to offer. When he’s not working, Nick enjoys birding, hiking and

Kyla is from eastern Iowa and is a current undergraduate student at Iowa State University, working toward a BS in Animal Ecology. She has always had a passion for the outdoors, often going on nature walks in the nearby forest with her grandfather. This early introduction to wildlife led her to pursue bird research opportunities, such as songbird banding, nest monitoring for Kirtland’s Warblers, and nest monitoring on Iowan farms. Kyla plans on earning a Ph.D. in avian ecology and conservation in order to become a professor, where she wants to focus on making the outdoors and academia more accessible to marginalized groups.

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