2013 = Education and Outreach

By Dana Ripper
The first two weeks of the New Year have seen MRBO at six different education events.  We started out with a day at Birds-I-View in Jeff City, where we learned about the American Kestrel Partnership 
Fellowship with conservation-minded people building American Kestrel
nest boxes in Jeff City. 
and pledged membership in the program.  Following a Kestrel box-building workshop with many Missouri home- and land-owners, we did the second in our winter series of bird-banding demonstrations at the Birds-I-View Garden.  The following day, we headed over to the Burroughs Audubon Library in Blue Springs, where approximately 35 visitors throughout the morning were treated to many different birds.  A Backyard Banding demonstration in Sweet Springs with friends from the Sweet Springs Historical Society on Monday was followed on Tuesday by Ethan presenting at the Missouri River Relief Speaker Series in Rocheport.  On Thursday, Eth worked with a wonderful teacher at the Sacred Heart School in Sedalia to make bird-feeders and 
I show how to age a Carolina Chickadee to visitors and friends at
bird-houses with 2nd – 5th grade students.  Finally, on Saturday we banded birds to a packed house at the Burr Oak Nature Center’s Big Year Festival.  This was an excellent event with bird walks, presentations on Bird ID, and talks by bird videographer Tim Barksdale. 
Whew! That was a lot of travel but so very worth it.  I’d estimate that 70-80 adults and about the same number of kids learned more about birds this week.  Most of them even saw Downy Woodpeckers, White-breasted Nuthatches, and other familiar, engaging birds up close.  
Brittney talks about woodpecker beaks at Burr Oak Woods Nature Center. 

Ethan shows the gentle way to touch a Chickadee at Burroughs Audubon Library. 

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