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Missouri River Bird Observatory

MRBO Field Assistant Andrea presents her own research at Alaska conference!

by Andrea Ambrose In the summer of 2012, while working as a rehabilitation intern at Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research,...

BT.Steve, Andrea, Ryan

News from the Grasslands

by Veronica Mecko For the 2015 spring migration season, MRBO set up nets for the third year at Mora Conservation...


News from the Education Front

We are so pleased to have the following updates from our excellent educator, Emily Wilmoth.  Emily has been busy traveling...


MRBO’s 2015 Crew

Welcome to our 2015 seasonal staff! From left to right in this photo taken during early-April training: Nic Salick is...

MDC Cole Camp-Green Ridge 2014 Report

Read MRBO’s latest report on grassland bird monitoring

MRBO has been conducting spring, summer, and fall monitoring of grassland obligate birds on central Missouri prairies.  The goal is...

MR340 Night

Explore unique facets of the Missouri River!

MR340 Night


Extra! Extra! Read All About It…

We have published the document below as a newsletter extra.  Conservation-minded Missourians should be aware of the proposed legislation currently...

The New Year

The New Year

By Ethan Duke The new year is upon us… We think of “Auld Lang Syne” and the melancholy of ‘old...